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Reviews on the Best Shower Heads

shower-head-reviewsIf you are looking to find the best shower head for the money then you stumbled acrossed the right place. Here at Adams Review Blog we share some of the top shower head reviews. Chosing a showerhead from the hundreds of models and brands can soemtime be harder than people think. With that being said below we are going to share some of the different types of shower heads you can choose from.

Types of Shower Heads

Below we are going to share a few of the different type of shower heads to give you a better idea of maybe what you’re looking for within your shower.

Handheld Shower Head

Handheld showerheads are some of the most flexiable type that you can buy. When it comes to wash your kids or pets these types come in very handy. You can easily remove the spray arm from the holder and move the head all around in the shower. Another thing people really love about these are when it comes to the time when you need to clean your shower. The handheld shower head make life so much easier when it’s time to clean that shower and rinse it down after.

Waterfall Shower Head

Waterfall shower heads are some of the most relaxing type of shower heads after a long hot day at work. It just as like it sounds, imagine sitting under a waterfall and letting the water run down on top of you head. That is exactly what this type of showerhead is. These types are typically bigger than your normal shower head due to the fact it wants to make the waterfall feel moire realistic for the person.

LED Shower Head

If you’re looking for one of the coolest shower heads to buy, then color changing LED shower head would be the way to go. You can find all different types of shower heads that have mulitple colors. Whether you’re looking for one the glows your favorite color or has multiple colors you can find this type of shower head. They also even have ones that glow red for hot and blue for cold based on the tempature that you set the hot and cold water for. This will help to ensure you are taking your shower and the tempature you want.

Rain Shower Head

This is very similar to the waterfall effect shower head. However, insteald of having the waterfall feel you are going to get a realistic feel of standing out in the rain. Well know how relaxing it feels when the rain is pouring down over our heads and body and is why most people prefer this type of showerhead due to the fact of that. These are specially designed to give you the best results that feel just like your standing out in the rain.

Bluetooth Shower Head with Speaker

Lastly, we have the bluetooth shower head speaker where you able to jam out and single to your favorite songs while taking a shower. We all know our favorite place to sing is in the shower. And whats a better way to do something with a speaker build right into your showerhead. And on top of that you can answer and make calls depending on the bluetooth shower head that you have required.

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