Jan 11

Reviewing the Marc Jacobs Bang Cologne

If you looking for some Marc Jacobs Bang reviews I would suggest starter here and then read the ”Mark Jacobs Reviews on Amazon here”. Here you can see this cologne currently has a 5.0 rating out of 5 on amazon voted by previous buyers. You can see what people have to say about this cologne whether it’s going to be good or bad that for you to see for yourself. Well, without further due, let’s jump into this cologne review on Marc Jacob Bang.

This cologne came in under the radar in 2010 and hasn’t really got the credit it should have. I had to personally have to sample this cologne because I been hearing and reading more and more about it. I love having a bottle of cologne like this one because it smells great, no one has really has and better yet it affordable cologne for anyone. Cost roughly $40 for great smelling cologne that no one else has or really heard about and gets compliments is what I like. You don’t want to be that same who has the same cologne as your friends or girlfriends EX boyfriend.

Now, don’t get confused with the Marc Jacobs Bang and the “Bang Bang” cologne. There are two different but similar colognes made Marc Jacobs. Don’t get me wrong, they both smell great! However, I think the single “bang cologne” has a slightly smoother scent to the nose.

Some of the fragrance notes with the Bang cologne by marc Jacobs include; Pepperwood, Benzoin, And Vetiver.

How to apply the Bang Cologne

For starters, cologne is mixed with oils and alcohol. However the alcohol in the cologne vaporizes and leaves the oil to soaks into the skin. Apply the cologne on your skin instead of your clothes gives of a slight noticeable and truer smell of the cologne than if you just sprayed it on your clothes.

My recommendation to you when applying cologne is to spray your one wrist one to two times depending how much comes out and then rub them together. After that, you want to rubber your two wrists on your upper and lower neck behind the ear. This is a good place to have those oils soak into your skin and leave the clean and fresh smell of this cologne.


All in all, when looking for the best mens cologne that last long and isn’t owned by probably by anyone you know, you can’t go wrong with this cologne. For the price of this cologne you will get some small fancy name brand cologne and end up paying more for the bottle of cologne and name brand than the actual cologne itself. Thus, this is why I highly recommend any man who’s looking for unique smelling cologne to try “Bang” by Marc Jacobs.

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