Jan 11

Reviewing the Marc Jacobs Bang Cologne

If you looking for some Marc Jacobs Bang reviews I would suggest starter here and then read the ”Mark Jacobs Reviews on Amazon here”. Here you can see this cologne currently has a 5.0 rating out of 5 on amazon voted by previous buyers. You can see what people have to say about this cologne whether it’s going to be good or bad that for you to see for yourself. Well, without further due, let’s jump into this cologne review on Marc Jacob Bang.

This cologne came in under the radar in 2010 and hasn’t really got the credit it should have. I had to personally have to sample this cologne because I been hearing and reading more and more about it. I love having a bottle of cologne like this one because it smells great, no one has really has and better yet it affordable cologne for anyone. Cost roughly $40 for great smelling cologne that no one else has or really heard about and gets compliments is what I like. You don’t want to be that same who has the same cologne as your friends or girlfriends EX boyfriend.

Now, don’t get confused with the Marc Jacobs Bang and the “Bang Bang” cologne. There are two different but similar colognes made Marc Jacobs. Don’t get me wrong, they both smell great! However, I think the single “bang cologne” has a slightly smoother scent to the nose.

Some of the fragrance notes with the Bang cologne by marc Jacobs include; Pepperwood, Benzoin, And Vetiver.

How to apply the Bang Cologne

For starters, cologne is mixed with oils and alcohol. However the alcohol in the cologne vaporizes and leaves the oil to soaks into the skin. Apply the cologne on your skin instead of your clothes gives of a slight noticeable and truer smell of the cologne than if you just sprayed it on your clothes.

My recommendation to you when applying cologne is to spray your one wrist one to two times depending how much comes out and then rub them together. After that, you want to rubber your two wrists on your upper and lower neck behind the ear. This is a good place to have those oils soak into your skin and leave the clean and fresh smell of this cologne.


All in all, when looking for the best mens cologne that last long and isn’t owned by probably by anyone you know, you can’t go wrong with this cologne. For the price of this cologne you will get some small fancy name brand cologne and end up paying more for the bottle of cologne and name brand than the actual cologne itself. Thus, this is why I highly recommend any man who’s looking for unique smelling cologne to try “Bang” by Marc Jacobs.

Jan 10

Choosing a new Electric Shaver for Men

Not sure what to look for when it comes to choosing a new electric shaver for men? That’s OK. Must people don’t know either, so you’re not alone.

Our team of writers made this post to help people understand electric shavers and what to look for when choosing a new one. With that being said below we have made a little checklist to help people like you find the best electric shaver for your facial hairs. So let’s take a look at some of the important factors and features of electric shavers.

Types of Shavers

foil-shaverFoil Shaver

What is a foil shaver? A Foil electric shaver is a razor that uses steel foils that cuts your facial very precise. The steel foil blades are built to left your facial hair to get a close and clean shave every time. The typical foil shavers use 3-4 blades depending on the model, brand and price. The 4 blade shaver heads are slightly large that the three blade shaver head. Of course, the more blades attached to the head is going to need more room which makes the head bigger. Some people have a preference when it comes to choosing a foil shaver.

rotary-shaverRotary Shaver

What is a rotary shaver? This type of razors use a small rotating circular blades that spin extremely fast and cut your facial hair. Each blade on the rotary shavers work on there own and spin separately from the other blade which give it such a smooth and painless shave. These type of electric razors for men are usually much better when it comes to shaving longer hair and are much quieter then the foil ones.

Things to look for…

Brand: When it comes to choosing any type of electronic gadget or product, the brand is usually very important. I would suggest sticking to one of the popular brands of razors such as; Philips, Braun and Panasonic. These are the 3 most popular and best electric shavers when it comes to durability, quality, clean shave and must important performance. However, if you do decide to choose one outside these brands, make sure you do your research and find reviews from previous customers and see what they have to say about it.

Blade Replacement: This is something I find very important. Overtime you are going to have to eventually replace the blades instead of buying a new electric shaver. When you find the one that you think is right for you, do a little extra research and find out how much the replacement blades are before buying. If the shaver is out of date and they don’t manufacture those blades no more they can cost almost as much a brand new shaver. This is what you want to avoid. So double check before making your decision.

Type: Do you want a foil or rotary shaver? Most people have a preference when it comes to this but make sure you are getting the one you want. When buying a new electric shaver double check what type it is before purchasing.

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Sep 13

Reviews on the Best Shower Heads

shower-head-reviewsIf you are looking to find the best shower head for the money then you stumbled acrossed the right place. Here at Adams Review Blog we share some of the top shower head reviews. Chosing a showerhead from the hundreds of models and brands can soemtime be harder than people think. With that being said below we are going to share some of the different types of shower heads you can choose from.

Types of Shower Heads

Below we are going to share a few of the different type of shower heads to give you a better idea of maybe what you’re looking for within your shower.

Handheld Shower Head

Handheld showerheads are some of the most flexiable type that you can buy. When it comes to wash your kids or pets these types come in very handy. You can easily remove the spray arm from the holder and move the head all around in the shower. Another thing people really love about these are when it comes to the time when you need to clean your shower. The handheld shower head make life so much easier when it’s time to clean that shower and rinse it down after.

Waterfall Shower Head

Waterfall shower heads are some of the most relaxing type of shower heads after a long hot day at work. It just as like it sounds, imagine sitting under a waterfall and letting the water run down on top of you head. That is exactly what this type of showerhead is. These types are typically bigger than your normal shower head due to the fact it wants to make the waterfall feel moire realistic for the person.

LED Shower Head

If you’re looking for one of the coolest shower heads to buy, then color changing LED shower head would be the way to go. You can find all different types of shower heads that have mulitple colors. Whether you’re looking for one the glows your favorite color or has multiple colors you can find this type of shower head. They also even have ones that glow red for hot and blue for cold based on the tempature that you set the hot and cold water for. This will help to ensure you are taking your shower and the tempature you want.

Rain Shower Head

This is very similar to the waterfall effect shower head. However, insteald of having the waterfall feel you are going to get a realistic feel of standing out in the rain. Well know how relaxing it feels when the rain is pouring down over our heads and body and is why most people prefer this type of showerhead due to the fact of that. These are specially designed to give you the best results that feel just like your standing out in the rain.

Bluetooth Shower Head with Speaker

Lastly, we have the bluetooth shower head speaker where you able to jam out and single to your favorite songs while taking a shower. We all know our favorite place to sing is in the shower. And whats a better way to do something with a speaker build right into your showerhead. And on top of that you can answer and make calls depending on the bluetooth shower head that you have required.

Sep 04

Reviewing the Best Car Speakers 2016

Are looking for some of the best and top-rated car speaker reviews for 2016? Well if so, then you have came to the right place. Here at Adam’s Reviews we review all the best car speaker models, brands and so one. You can easily find car speakers that fit anyone budget. With that being said, below we are going to start off by sharing some of the top car speaker brands money can buy.

High End Car Speaker Brands

When it comes to choosing some of the best car speakers there are hundreds of different brands you can choose from. However, here we break down only the best brands that we high recommend choosing from.


Kicker is one of the most popular speakers, amplifier and car subwoofer manufactures on the market. They are very well-known for making some of the best competition subwoofers and some excellent speakers and amplifiers. They have been in the car audio and marine audio industry for a while and know what they are doing when it comes to audio products.

What to look for in car speakers…

When it comes to choosing a good pair of speakers for your car you need to know what to look for and that what this mini check list is here for. We are going to tell you what you should look for to get the best sounding speakers that will rock the competition.


When choosing a set of speakers depending how loud and powerful you want them to be you need to look at how much power output the have which also known as wattage. The more watts the speakers needs the more power that is required from your stereo unit or amplifier. Having a high powered speaker that require a lot of wattage is going to make your system louder in most cases. With that being said, finding a set of speakers with high wattage is going to give you loud results 99 percent of the time.

Sensitivity Rating

The sensitivity rating is another very important factor you should check out before making your final choice. What the sensitivity rating tells you is how efficient the speaker converts the power into the volume the speaker vocals products. This also know as the decibles the speaker produces. Which means in most cases, the higher your sensitivity rating is on the speaker the louder the volume and the vocals of the music is going to be. If you want really loud and crispy clear music find a set of speaker with a goo dB(decible) rating for the best results.

Speaker Quality

When it comes to upgrading your speaker this is crucial. Your typical factory car speakers are usally cheap and aren’t made from the top of the line material that speakers should be made from. When upgrading your car speakers you want to find speakers that are made out of good material which will also last a lot longer and will blow like your typical factory speakers will.

Rubber surrounded speakers are normal the best way to go. They cost slighty more than foam surrounded speakers but also last much longer and sound much better. This is something you want to keep in mind when choosing a new pair of speakers for your car. Often times people tend to choosing a cheaper car speaker to save money and expect them to sound much better and last much longer than the factory speaker that’s installed. This is not always true. Spending the extra money on a higher end car speaker will pay off in quality and in the long run.

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